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As if 2020 couldn’t get any worse

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by woppy101, 27 Jun 2020.

  1. Pipe & Slippers

    Wise Guy

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    That’s what we were all saying about coronavirus in February

    Wise Guy

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    That's true, and coronavirus aint anywhere near as bad as this guy:

  3. Simon0001


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    And your still alive and it probably hasn't effected you in anyway apart from maybe your favorite shop has been closed for a few weeks
  4. Conscript


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    Not great, not terrible.

    Wise Guy

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    God damnit again.

    I've just found something worse than uranium worms or coronavirus.

    This music video

    Cracking track though

    God damnit again.

    I've just found something even worse than uranium worms, coronavirus and cheaply produced soft rock music videos.

    Watership Down.

    Now that'll screw you up.

    Edit: Bright Eyes, Burnin' Like Fire

    Man just as life was going to get so bad, I was prepared to top myself.

    I found salvation:

    Good thread seriously, we should do this again sometime.

    Don't you dwell on negativity. Life's too short.

    Enjoy it, make everyday count.

    "This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us."

    Make the most of it.
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  6. Dis86


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    Pretty worrying really. Nobody has owned up to a leak so they either don't know they have one or they do and don't care enough to inform the rest of the world. It ain't going to go away by itself.
  7. Mrwong


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    Wise Guy

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    God damnit yes.
  9. Yadda


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  10. Pawnless Endgame


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    Agreed. That's why I have been avoiding Facebook since early covid. Less media (and less social media) = less negativity. If you want covid updates without the sensationalist weasel words thrown in, then stick to sources like the WHO.

    In all honesty, when I saw your thread title, I thought something bad has happened e.g. you've been burgled or you had some bad news about a family member. People do sometimes post similar thread titles on GD and people reply to sympathise.

    Yup. Same time same place next week fellas :)
  11. Pipe & Slippers

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    Wow. Everyone my age is talking about delaying retirement by a year or two. Some of them are losing sleep about job security and dreading their weekly furlough meetings when they wait to see who gets the chop. Higher taxes for who knows how long. Less money for public services. Countless thousands of people whose mental health has been compromised. Yeah, it’s been breeze

    I’ll stop feeding you now
  12. robgmun


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    I do think it's part of the problem. Stuff like this is reported all the time for decades just that we're so interconnected that we get to hear about every single thing now. Back in the 90's/2000's we're weren't half as stressed and freaked out as a society as we are today because we just didn't know half the stuff we know today.

    I'm seriously thinking about turning off all social media because it's getting to me, to be frank. Or at least move away from everything political. But then the SJW had infiltrated my two great loves, movies and games. And practically destroyed them.
  13. Smokey Deza

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    As a kid I would always skip the start. That **** is messed up lol.
  14. TheOracle


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    It’s only nuclear, I wouldn’t worry about it
  15. Puzzled


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    Because you haven't got many days left, oh god....


    Perhaps this is Russia's secret to its miraculous covid death rates, clearly radiation kills coronavirus! Drink the glowing water people!
  16. .:MBK:.


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    But mountain dew is horrible...
  17. Nasher


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    Wouldn't be the first time Russia had a nuclear accident and kept it quiet.

    But it's fine, the green brigade say nuclear is risk free :p