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Asking for that payrise

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Smokes, 20 May 2006.

  1. Smokes

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    Location: Aberystwyth, West Wales

    Ok so I need some advice on the best way to approach my boss in asking for a payrise. This is the situation I'm in......

    Company is a family run computer business that specialise in support for corporate networks. We have a reasonable size client base with some quite big companies. Now I've been with the company for 4 years and started off knowing nothing about networks. After 2 years I had picked up everything and knew pretty much as much as the boss when it came to network hardware and software (bar Novell :p )

    So on birthday 2 years back I had a payrise to 16k, and was told "I want you to be on 20K within the year" For someone with no qualifications in the IT sector (except A levels) this seemed very good to me, especially as where I live the wages are dire. Now about 6 months after he said this, we lost a very big contract that basically paid all the wages for the company and have some extra left over, so straight away I visions of not seeing any extra cash.

    2 more years have passed (yes I am patient :o ), business has picked back up, but I still havn't had a payrise of any sort. 16k doesn't quite cut it anymore, especially when I now want to buy a house. Fuel has gone up 20p per litre in those 2 years too!!!

    I have now gained even more knowledge in the field of networking and single handidly install SBS networks like its going out of fashion! I sell tens of thousands of pounds worth a kit a year, have been getting new contracts e.t.c.

    OK so thats kind of where I'm at, I suppose its a bit more of a rant really, but I would like to know what people think is the right way to approach the boss for a payrise. I reckon I'm worth it :p and I know they would struggle if I left, but I kind of feel obliged to continue as they took me under their wing without me knowing nothing, and taking a chance.

    All messed up :(
  2. naefeart


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    Simple really. Ask for a wee chat then go into his office cap in hand and explain to him most of things you wrote in your OP.

    Then depending on the mood of his reply, you can guage it from there.

    If you don't ask you don't get in this world.

    Although, If you don't get the response you are looking for, maybe its time to move on?

  3. big_white_dog84

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    I would say you have paid back their initail faith in you. Make it clear that you enjoy working for the company and appreciate the chance that they gave you. Say that you have used that chance and have become an expert in your field and are generating substantial income for the company...so gis us more money RIGHT NOW!!!!
  4. kinetic747


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    Good advice given here, there aren't many companies who give pay rises without a nudge. I'm in a similar position myself, I'll try to be brief. I'm classed as a senior manager in the company I work, along with 4 others. 2 of us from Production are on 25K with the other 2 from Engineering on 28K. I've accepted this wage as, although I could leave and earn around 5K more, it would mean extra travel whereas I live 1 mile from my current job. 3 months ago however a new Quality Manager started, a postion previously done part time by our company secretary. I have found out that he is earning 31K a year :mad: a salary that is totally out of line with the current managers. The fact I have almost 20 years in and have to wipe this guys nose every day due to his lack of experience is really ******* me off. The other guys are all wimps and don't want to rock the boat but I feel like letting rip with both barrels, even if it costs me my job. :(
  5. Lagmeister


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    Do it, dont hang about for the guy to make a mistake, send a memo or something to your superior about your feelings and that this person is not suitable for the job, if it doesnt come to anything your at least your in the clear when that person screws up badly, written evidence is key for that, if you have a written letter saying that this guy is bad at the job, you should also clear yourself of any reflected guilt when they find out.
  6. MossyUK

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    I subscribe to this whole "being cheeky gets results" type philosophy. Basically if I want more money, I ask for it. Because at the end of the day, im there doing a job which is making my managers lives easier, and at the same time i'm doing it for financial reward. If they cant see that they pay me in line with what im worth, then I find someone else who will.

    If Im doing something for 38 hours a week, I damn well expect the pay to reflect my time at the end of it.
  7. Phunk-E-Man

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    When I wanted a payrise I just went to the boss and said "hey b***h, how about a bit more money"...no joke!!!

    My boss is my cousin though ;)