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Asus A8R32-MVP vs. DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by NightmareXX, 27 Mar 2006.

  1. NightmareXX

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    Ok, here's my situation. I wanna upgrade to using an opty 165 CPU and get a new mobo/GFX cards.

    I've heard that the DFi is good for OC'ing the opty but what is the Asus like?

    I'd rather the Asus over the DFi, as its crossfire compatiable so if I wanted more GFX performance all i'd have to do is buy the master card of the series i'd already got :)
  2. SimonMaltby

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    Have a good read of the massive Asus A8R32-MVP thread in this forum.
    Quite a few people have had issues... but I have not and think it a wonderful board.

    I am an ATI fanboy, i'm afraid... only because i find the image crisper. I have had many ATI and Nvidia cards through the years.

    I have not tried SLi, but have to say i am delighted with the performance of CrossFire.

    If you are determined to get a very, very high FSB, say 280 + then the DFI will give you more flexability, but if you want a really good value bundle get the Asus and CF.

    remember that with the mem controller built into the CPU on A64, its the CPU that makes the biggest difference regards high FSB (or HTT as its called with A64).

    Hope this helps