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Asus Monitor RMA

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by JAW_Jontain, 29 Jul 2019.

  1. JAW_Jontain


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    Just by the title a few of you will likely know what's coming...

    So Asus warrantied my monitor and this morning the "replacement" arrived from LetMeRepair UK... It arrived in a unbranded box far too large with some bubble wrap around it despite when calling LetMeRepair UK I was told it would arrive in a like for like box (packaged as per retail or so I presumed).

    Needless to say I took many pictures of my monitor that needed to be RMA'd before the courier took charge of it and wrapped it in bubble wrap and put it back loose in this unsuitable packaging.

    Now as I went to get the replacement to package it back in my retail box to get it home I had a quick look over it and well... it's not good. Just on first glance (not even had a chance to test the panel yet) the bezel is damaged on one corner, the stand is loose where it mounts to the base, the screen is dirty / marked and the base is tarnished or scratched (looks bleached like if brake cleaner gets on plastic). Oh yeah and the serial number is a printout stuck on the bottom!

    Have been straight in tough with both Asus and LetMeRepair UK and so far Asus have come back to request I RMA the replacement for another refurbished monitor. I will have to do this but have requested a guarantee the next one will be as my original monitor was (like new) just without the defects.

    I can see this becoming a bit of a saga and despite reading similar issues online am surprised this still seems to be standard practice from Asus/LetMeRepair Uk. Granted Asus have been relatively good in communicating however this really isn't on!

    Any advice is apprichiated and I will keep you updated on my journey... :mad::rolleyes: