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Asus P5B Board Questions.

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Converge, 8 Jul 2006.

  1. Converge


    Joined: 26 Jan 2005

    Posts: 4,581

    Hey guys, im thinking of getting this board

    Asus P5B (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard (MB-151-AS)

    when the conroe emerges, i've heard people saying that it only has one IDE?

    Seeing as at the moment my 2 HD's and CD/DVD drives are IDE, i'll need to make a compromise somewhere, man this upgrading business is working out more expensive than i thought! :eek:

    Is this correct or am i way off?

    I was thinking of getting a

    Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB 2500KS SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (HD-046-WD

    as my main drive and then just putting a

    Samsung SH-S182D 18x18 DVD±RW ReWriter (Black) (CD-078-SA)

    as my main CD/DVD drive for the time being, is this ok??

    Thanks :)
  2. split


    Joined: 2 Nov 2002

    Posts: 3,534

    Location: Dorset

    Yep your correct.

    What you suggest would work fine.
    I personally love Western Digital drives (been using then years with no failures) but they don't carry the 5 year manufacturer''s warranty that others do.
    If you look in the hard drive forum, there is a leaning towards Seagate.
  3. silversurfer


    Joined: 13 Jul 2004

    Posts: 19,224

    Location: Stanley Hotel, Colorado

    You could get a pci raid PATA card?
  4. Jimbo


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 6,024

    Location: Newcastle, England

    I cant belive they are dropping ide ports, totally ridiculous imo, I have 2 dvd drives and an 80gig ide drive as well as my sata drives.
  5. Converge


    Joined: 26 Jan 2005

    Posts: 4,581

    ok cool thanks for the assurances, glad i chose something that makes sense for once, yeah i agree about the WD drives, very good.
    Had one before and am currently using an External one for back-up, works a treat!

    Damn my overall upgrade bill has amounted to £870! :eek: :eek:

    Well its all worth it :D
  6. Devious


    Joined: 29 Dec 2003

    Posts: 3,844

    Location: UK

    You can get sata to ide connectors.