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ASUS RT-AC86U Experiences

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by sgoaty, 28 Jul 2020.

  1. BluesFanUK


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    We got one a couple years ago because the Virgin Media hub kept dropping out and it's been absolutely brilliant. Bit steep to spend, but it's worth it. Easy to setup too, just put the main hub in modem node and link via ethernet.

    I'm fairly certain this is the go-to router for all Virgin Media customers actually. :p

    The software that comes with it is vastly superior too, I rarely use it myself, but there's alot more control in what we can do, such as setting up guest accounts and managing traffic.
  2. FatRakoon


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    Weirdly, IO love my ASUS. I have had a few of them too and while I do love them, I also hate the limited WIFI distance in them.

    I forget the actual model numbners, but its not important right now ( Maybe it is, but tough ).

    I was with SKY and I went with the 55 but then I went with Vodafone and they would not give me the info for the 55 and so I bought the Asus 65 Router and used the voda for the Modem, and that was ok.
    Voda then gave out the info so we could enter it into our own modem/routers and thats when I realised that voda was VDSL not ADSL and so I had to get the VDSL Modem and so that was the 68 ( AC68U )

    Once again, this works fine, but the distance that I get with the WIFI is seriously poor.

    Yet I love the router, I really do.

    Glutton for punishment I am.
  3. snarloas1982

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    im a little surprised with some of these comments. Maybe i havent been paying much attention lateley. I remember a few years back and the members here recommended the Asus routers. I got the N56u back in the day but now have the RT-AC87u which hasn't let me down and there seems to be constant updates. I couldn't complain if im honest.
  4. mrk

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    I've had mine for several years, considering this model is 7 years old now I still see regular firmware updates with feature additions, improvements and exploit/bug fixes. Today I had a new one in fact and recalled how long I have had it and how reliable it has been. I have at least 19 devices connected to it just when idle, more during the day/evenings in a mix of wired and wireless. I never have issues with speed and it generally has been nothing but excellent. At one point I ran custom firmware too but rolled back to official which I just preferred for ease of use. My experience has actually got better with each major firmware update over the years as the UX has changed considerably over those years. Today's update added some new UX improvements and I notice some new icons and stuff too.

    Unless it fails one day then I will never replace it as everything is perfect and wifi performance even on 5G is optimum even at the far corners of a 4 bed house house. I can get a signal from my car's Android stereo on the driveway even lol.

    I do not use any of the AI protection features or traffic monitoring as no need for this.

    I have bought many mid-high end routers inc a "gaming" one before this and always ended up going back to my trusty WRT54GL (running Tomato) I had ever since jumping on the cable BB wagon in the early 2000s as it felt nothing could beat the reliability and robustness of the Linksys.... Until I found this AC68U.

    For reference I am on VM 350Mb and all my 5GHz band devices connect at 500Mbps minimum or 860Mbps nominal. 2.4GHz has never had an issue either and there is a constant stream of at least 11 devices connected to that band.
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  5. feck199


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    AC66U. stopped using it some time ago and may of dropped it recently after testing it again. Snapping one Ariel off. It still works reasonably well though.

    Thinking of using it for VR wireless as a standalone.