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Asus UX31E some benchies

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by Grimgoth, 22 Dec 2011.

  1. Grimgoth


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    Well, after three days of owning this baby, thought I'd post some benchies.
    This is the 13.3 inch ultrabook with the i7-2677 dual core processor, 128 GB SD drive. Not sure of UK retail pricing as it seems much rarer than the UX21 that OcUK stocks; looks just over £1.1k, got mine for just under £1k (Think the top 256GB SD model is hitting £1.3k).
    Anyhows, here's its specs and WEI, all run at full performance mode:



    as you can see, the slowest bit being the integrated graphics. I don't think its DX11 compatible, as 3DMark11 threw a small hissy fit, but it did complete 3DMark Vantage with this:


    if anyone is interested, I can run others.

    Currently using it to drive an external 24' 1920x1080, no problems.
    Can play Atlantica Online no problems; going to put steam on at some point so can test others.

    The screen itself is surprisingly good; on lagom's LCD test at full brightness, the contrast is just about saturated on the highest levels, black levels dissappear at about 5 or 6, white saturation at 249 or 250, there is only the slightest colour variation in the purple viewing angle and the "lagom" word one.

    My one and only gripe with the thing is that it came with a whole bunch of preinstalled stuff (dutifully removed), but this seems to have brought about its own problems; my windows explorer is randomly restarting as detailed here.

    At anyrate, am very pleased, as its replacing my Alienware m15x and samsung n150 netbook in one extremely compact package.