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Attitudes to hosting and costs

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by Irish_Tom, 3 Feb 2021.

  1. Beansprout

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    Honestly I'm surprised anything still runs on 2 cores and 1Gb RAM, let alone cPanel with Woocommerce, so that will be the source of the issue, even with Redis etc you have a losing battle there.

    The other issue is that you have 12% CPU steal which means the hypervisor is unable to give your VM all the CPU time it needs because it's overloaded. That's not ideal and will slow it down more.

    Litespeed is usually an optional extra for most dedicated servers (the license fee is just passed on), it comes in a few types but the cheapest type is fine for Wordpress. It has a 2 week trial too :)
  2. kindai


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    Yikes. This is the problem. You dont need all these bonus addons, just get onto a modern VPS with some more grunt.
  3. Irish_Tom


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    I'm sure you're both correct, it's just odd that the site was running fine on this VPS for the best part of two years. We only started seeing these issues after Tsohost's 'upgrade'.

    Thanks, that's good to know.
  4. Irish_Tom


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    Bumping this thread because I wanted to say thanks for everyone's input on this, and an extra thank you to @Beansprout for his help off the forum.

    We switched to a Stablepoint D8 server a couple of weeks ago and, magically, all of the issues went away; including some trouble with the Barclaycard payment gateway that appeared after the Tsohost 'upgrade'.

    Stablepoint's customer service has been top-notch, quick to respond and very helpful.

    It seems you don't need to spend £500/month for decent hosting, which is reassuring!
  5. MrMagoo


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    I am glad to hear this, unfortunately my experience with stablepoint recently has been as far from this as possible, granted I, nor my friend are paying anyway near as much per month but support tickets are not answered quickly, if at all.

    Initially they were replied to promptly and any issues resolved, recently though the support has almost reached TSO levels of response. Some tickets that are replied to don't appear to have actually been read, then an incorrect response is sent which makes no sense.

    I've almost reached 15 hours unable to send emails without them bouncing back.
  6. daz


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    Really sorry to hear that something has gone wrong.
    I'd really like to help if possible? Both with your email issue you mentioned but also I'd like to read through your other tickets for QA. Can you get in touch darren [at] stablepoint.com and let me know the details?