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Audi A6 C5 as a cheap daily with a bit of luxury?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Phaser, 17 Dec 2013.

  1. Phaser

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    What's the general opinion of the Audi A6 (C5) on here?

    I've been looking at them recently - it seems ~£2500 will get you a tidy one.

    It'd be replacing a MK1 Focus as my daily so reliability / running costs are extremely important. I know older prestige cars are not ideal for running on a budget but these seem somewhat of an exception? I was set on just buying another Focus (possibly MK2) although ideally I'd like something with a bit more comfort. 90% of the time it's just me in the car but I think I'd go for the Avant for camping / biking trips in the summer.

    They seem pretty well specced and decent build quality (see them referred to quite often as the last of the "proper" Audi's?) There's lots on Autotrader with over 300k on which is promising. I think the Sport models still look pretty fresh, although the SE appeals for the ability to park anywhere / blend in and cheaper tyres / softer ride.

    From what I've read the 1.9TDI 130 should go on forever and doesn't have things like DPF etc. A lot of my journeys are short trips though so perhaps I'd be better off with a petrol - opinions? I know the 1.8T has it's fair share of niggles, did they do a 2.0 too? I'm aware of the 2.4 / 2.7 but higher engines and Quattro are not needed / wanted, I have a Z4 that I drive at weekends which scratches the performance itch nicely.

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  2. [TW]Fox

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    Step away from the 10 year old prestige cars then.

    They do? The engine in these is very reliable but a car is rather more than just an engine and its old.

    You've no idea how much has been spent to get them there, though. Any car can do 300k miles if its owner is content to continue to repair things that go wrong and invest in preventative maintanance.

    Personally I think they are decent cars but nobody for whom reliability and running costs are 'extremely important' should bother with cars like this. They are suitable only really for those who don't mind paying more to keep a nicer, but older, car on the road.