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Baby, that was intense, meet my new son!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hitman_Leon, 2 Oct 2009.

  1. Hitman_Leon

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    Ladies and gentlemen my I introduce my youngest son, Tyler,

    Born by emergency cesarean at 10-20pm on the 1st of October 2009, 9lbs4oz.


    That was the most intense experience ever, terrified was not the word, he was distressed as his cord was wrapped around his leg and he had to be resusitated when he came out. His mum had lot of bleeding and that took time to control.

    Both are well, no woods to get out of or anything just time to recover for his mum, ill fill in on a few details later.
  2. Simmz


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  3. james.miller


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    \o/ Congratulations mate :)
  4. antijoke


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  5. tbz_ck


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    CONGRATS !!! :D

    He looks great :)
  6. knowledge123


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    You know what they say about hitmen, don't you ?

    No women, no children. :p

    Congrats, how awesome :) :D
  7. dekez


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    Congratulations, that must be a nerve racking experience! Glad both are doing well :)
  8. Cosimo

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    Congratulations. :)
  9. waspy88

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    Well done man!

    Indeed its not easy.. but they grow up to be fun little gadgets!

    My daughter doesn't cuddle a teddy, she cuddles my Canon A620..

    This will be the best thing in your life as it is for most people.

    My baby was a hairy beast when she came out, all her hands and feet were dried up due to her being in her mother stomach for too long, damn mid-wives resisted a c-section right till the end!
  10. Hitman_Leon

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    Location: Tall building nearby

    Same here, he was 12 days over term.

    Oh he has a 13yo sister ,9yo brother and a 6yo sister.
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  11. DampCat


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    Sorry mate, 1 hour 33 minutes is the current record so you're currently in second place.

    Congrats though! Glad they're both good!
  12. Yamahahahahaha


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    Awwwwwww :)

  13. EVH


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    I see no bread?! Schenanigans!!

    Just kidding. Congratulations :)
  14. mac1st3


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    congrats mate :D
  15. Wyrdo


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    Congratulations to you and the family! :)
  16. knip


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    Congrats, glad everything is ok after the initial panic! :)
  17. maxilive


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    Congrats :D 2 OCUK babies in so many hours...
  18. LeJosh


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    Awwwww cute little baby \:D/

    Congratualtions! :D
  19. mrk

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    Is he LOCAL??!

    Congrats :)
  20. Hitman_Leon

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 29 May 2004

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    Location: Tall building nearby

    Now I see what you did there, that puzzled me for a while, oh well :p.