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bah broken left wing mirror

Discussion in 'Motors' started by HungryHippos, 6 Feb 2006.

  1. HungryHippos


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    drove to work this morning, parked in the usual car park which is a little bit away from the office as the office spaces are always full, the area left of me was empty (the bays aren't marked out at all) and I was in the right most spot. Came back at lunch time to find there were now 2 cars to my left and the car right next to me was about 2-3 inches away from my car but he had reversed in :O

    anyways to get out I had to reverse a bit so I could go froward and to the right to ease around him. I'm quite new to driving, had my licence for about 2 weeks, and had this car for less than a week now, picked it up last wednesday.

    Anyways this proved more difficult than i'd hoped, I reversed a bit, handbreak on, put it into 1st, but in a moment of stupidity I must have not given it enough revs because I found myself rolling backwards (I was parked on a slight downwards slope), and cringeing as I saw my wing mirror collide with his glass first, before the car finally picked up and I went forwards as was intended.

    Net result was that my wing mirror is now a little messed up, the glass is cracked into about 10 pieces but still together, and the plastic casing surrounding it is a little dodgy too, the bottom part even fell off and is now sitting on my passenger seat.

    His wing mirror was fine though at least so don't need to worry about getting in touch with the driver of the car. Anyone else done similar things to their wing mirrors? and how much am I looked at to repair the thing?

    It's for a VW polo btw.

    a little ****** off with myself now but I guess worse could have hapenned...

  2. Ukadder

    Wise Guy

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    I was driving down a very narrow road and me and another car collided wing mirrors a while ago, mine smashed the plastic caseing and the glass got chipped. Ended up phoning a VX scrappy yard and getting one which was luckly the same colour with glass for £15.

    I looked into getting the glass new+new plastic but the glass alone was £35. Phone up a VW dealer and see how much it would be new.

    If you can find a VW brakers that maybea good place to start after seeing what it would cost new, if you can fix the plastic that would be one less hassle as I'm guessing it's colour coded and the right colour match is always a pain. Depends how good you want it to look I guess.