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Battery for G7

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Ben, 9 May 2007.

  1. Ben

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    Hi all,

    Just got my Canon Powershot G7 delivered today (to replace my partly dead A70) :)
    Obviously not sure what the life of the standard battery is, however I'd like to get a 2nd one for reserve.

    Doing a search for the NB-2LH on google gets you quite a number of cheap "alternatives". (with the canon official one looking like it's ~£35).

    Any recommendations on whether any of the alternatives (and maybe with a higher mAH) are worthwhile (considering they cost less too), or is it only worth going for the real mccoy from canon?

  2. A.N.Other


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    That's the same one that goes in the 350D. I use 3rd party ones in my 350D battery grip with no problems and I have to say the higher charge capacity is noticable! There really aren't any downsides about buying these over the canon ones.

    I got mine off a certain scotsman, fyi.