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Beatles Autograph Question

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by moss, 27 Feb 2006.

  1. moss


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    My friends currently cleaning up his loft, and found a copy of the Beatles Revolver album.
    It appeared to be signed, but after searching the web and contacting a few people, we are still unsure if its authentic, judging by what ive seen on the net, i'd say they are fake. It actually belonged to his dad, who died a few years back.

    Heres some pics...

    Anyone know of anywere/someone who can help with this?
  2. Dinomania


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  3. robmiller


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    Judging by the Y on McCartney I'd say they were fake :)
  4. stoofa


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    It is a sad fact that something in the region of 80%+ of Beatles autographs are fake.
    Even those done at the time, roadies used to take pictures, autograph books and the like and "helpfully" sign on behalf of the guys themselves.

    Even if they looked almost perfect to the site listed you'd still need to take them in to a professional organisation for varification.
    We've got a McCartney autograph which my dad actually got when he went to see them live - his was actually signed in front of him.
    My mum's Harrison unfortunately is fake.
  5. 6thElement


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    /must resist temptation to come up with smutty innuendo :D
  6. stoofa


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    I was going to write my own innuendo but then assumed somebody would be quick enough off the mark to write one :)