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Beginner OC'er help please :)

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Starky, 6 Mar 2010.

  1. Starky


    Joined: 18 May 2009

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    Location: Glasgow, UK

    Hey guys,

    Got my rig set up and about to give overclocking my first attempt. My setup is as follows:

    Core i5 750
    MegaShadow Cooler with push/pull akasa apache fans
    Asus Maximus III Formula Intel P55 motherboard
    Geil Black Dragon 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C8
    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850

    Now the RAM was a bit of a mistake on my part as it's designed for X58 motherboards but hopefully it won't cause much of a bottleneck.

    Here's a picture to see the airflow in the case:


    I'm happy to follow the steps for overclock my CPU in the info that I've seen around the forums but my main conern right now is getting everything set up correctly before I start trying.

    I've done some testing at stock settings with Prime 95 and Intel Burn and get the following max temp on full load results from Core Temp:

    core 0: 50C
    core1: 45C
    core2: 45C
    core3: 46C

    Is that an indication that my thermal paste hasn't spread evenly? I'm using arctic silver and applying a rice grain size amount to the top of the CPU before attaching the heatsink.

    How are these temps anyway for load on stock? They seem fairly high to my untrained eye.
  2. Akempster


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    Location: Birmingham

    you should have a pee sized blob of thermal paste, i take it the thermal paste is arctic silver 5? Theres some debate weather the line or blob technique gives better results but because it has two dies id recommend a blob on each die (half pea size on each). Your temps are good.
  3. Jotunkaiser


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    Location: Liverpool

    I'm not really sure with the I5 but my Q6600 @ 3.6ghz is running no more than 45-50 max load (did a burn in test last night with prime 95) so id say stock ye they are abit high - how much voltage do you have going to the cpu?
  4. Frozennova

    Man of Honour

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    I wouldnt worry about the temperature difference between cores as the inbuilt sensors are only accurate once the processor is nearing TJmax