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Best coach service from Dublin to Galway

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rwac, 8 Jun 2010.

  1. Rwac

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    Which coach service is the most comfortable/equipped?

    CityLink or Bus √Čireann?


    Also - what are the must do things in galway. I fancy getting a bus down to Oranmore which looks like a nice spot for views.
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  2. Efour


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    i went to Galway it was quite nice but tbh its dull as hell so i bought a gameboy and went to the cinema.

    So beautiful tho if you are into walking yeah definitely.

    as for the buses? i got no idea - who cares it cant be more than 2h from Dublin
  3. kefkef


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    I've always used the Bus Eireann when i've gone back home. Used to stop off at a few places so good chance to stretch your legs and meet a few people.

    You could try the Cnoc Suain Village to see traditional Irish villages, hire a bike and go cycling around Connemara. You could always get a rod licence and try your hand at a spot of fishing also. Not been to the city for a long time, but i'm told it's still got enough to keep you busy for a few days, lots of decent pubs for a beer on the night (Cookes Thatch Pub is one i remember).