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best digital camera for £150

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by nickels, 15 Aug 2006.

  1. nickels

    Wise Guy

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    my brother just came and asked me what the best camera he could get for £150, and i was like i have no idea about camera, but i know a bunch of people who do, you :)

    if someone could tell me what cameras are the best, can be abit over £150 if its worth it.
    i think he will be just using it for days out and stuff, nothing professional
    would you be able to tell me the best places to get them too, email me if competitors ([email protected])

  2. zel


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    Location: glasgow

    Picked up a Fuji F11 for £135 a few weeks ago. Don't think you can go wrong at that price.
  3. dunker


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    my suggestion is the Canon PowerShot A620 if you look around you should be able to get it for around £140-170. had mine since friday and i love it :) gets pretty good reviews and you can get lots of extras for it, batteries, powerpack, lenses, cases etc. with about £160 you might find it in a bundle including powerpack and more memory.
  4. Mundu


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    Can anyone else help decide between the two are are there any other cameras in that price range I should also be looking at. I really need to replace my broken Cybershot and my budget is basically the same.