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'Best' modular PSU?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by glitch, 6 Mar 2006.

  1. glitch


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    Of the list below, what's the pick of the bunch?

    Enermax Liberty 500W
    Antec NeoHE 500W
    Hiper HPU-4B580 Type R 580W
    Tagan TG530-U15 530W
    Ultra X-Connect 500W
    A N Other

    Something stable and quiet that'll power a good overclock is preferable, kit list as follows:

    Motherboard: unknown but probably an Asus
    CPU: Opteron 165 / 170
    HDD: 3 x SATA2 (1 Hitachi, 2 Samsung)
    GPU: X1800XT (no desire to go Crossfire)
  2. Dutch Guy


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  3. Phoenix211

    Wise Guy

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    neo is good as long as its the new A3 revision