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Best phone for £250

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Rob43, 22 Nov 2020.

  1. Rob43


    Joined: 17 Jun 2003

    Posts: 3,091

    Location: Scotland

    Need a new phone for my mother, she has a galaxy a51 that she's managed to drop in the sink. So need a new phone

    Budget of £260 max

  2. Thaifood


    Joined: 8 Aug 2012

    Posts: 603

    Any of the realme 6? Decent reviews good for the price etc
  3. DeliciousStorage


    Joined: 29 Oct 2019

    Posts: 357

    Mi 10 Lite, or maybe the Poco X3 for £179.
  4. UTmaniac


    Joined: 9 Nov 2005

    Posts: 6,279

    Location: Southampton

  5. Grimley


    Joined: 18 Nov 2007

    Posts: 7,368

    Location: Deepest Darkest Essex!!

    I've owned one (8/128GB) since August. Cant fault it. charges from 20% full in under an hour, average 2 days between charge. £189 on the rainforest which is a Bargain. Its nearest competitor at the time (Redmi note 9 pro) another tenner. There's a fair few good phones about for your budget.
  6. Rob43


    Joined: 17 Jun 2003

    Posts: 3,091

    Location: Scotland

    I'll have a look, thanks folks

  7. kaktus

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Jul 2003

    Posts: 1,221

    Any experience of the mi 10 lite 5g vs mi note 10 lite vs s10 lite?

    The first two can be had for the budget but not sure which is better as most reviews on YT aren't in English. The s10 lite is a bit more but has a far better chipset.
  8. booyaka


    Joined: 19 Jan 2006

    Posts: 13,700

  9. jsmoke


    Joined: 17 Jun 2012

    Posts: 10,116

    Redmi note 9 pro worth a look.