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Best place to sell iMac

Discussion in 'Apple Hardware' started by Nash, 26 Oct 2014.

  1. Nash

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 17 Oct 2006

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    Location: Bristol


    I'm looking to sell my iMac. It's a 2010 3.06GHZ 4GB RAM with 500GB HDD. I found one website about a week ago that was offering £450 for it but since then I've reformatted and can't find it again haha. All the other sites I can find now are offering about £300 which is much lower.

    I could use Members Market or eBay but it's more hassle with fees for eBay and having to pay for postage and arrange it all for MM and eBay.

    Is there generally a best paying Mac buying site or does it vary from model to model as to who gives the best price? Has anyone had any good experiences?

  2. lamboman


    Joined: 7 Apr 2008

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    Gumtree, eBay, local papers...I wouldn't say there is a definitive place to sell as they all have their drawbacks.

    Taking advantage of the reach of eBay then selling outside of it works well too, just need to be careful to make sure eBay don't notice...
  3. morkfromork


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    Location: Walsall

    I sold mine via Gumtree. I did try and sell it via the members market but it didn't sell well. MacBooks sell better.

    Price it right and you'll sell it in no time on Gumtree.
  4. AbsenceJam


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    Gumtree is good, and bear in mind that there are no 10% fees, postage, and chance of issues when people make you offers.
    Members Market will be hassle free but you'll probably get the least for it.
    eBay will usually net you the most money, even after fees.

    The sites offering to buy it will never give you anything close to its value.
  5. Avalon


    Joined: 29 Dec 2002

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    Problem with selling it online is couriering it to the buyer. You need packaging, decent insurance and to trust the recipient/courier, that's where gumtree is a lot better because it's local and people will collect. Down side is you will get insultingly low offers, time wasters and run the risk of people coming round for a look at what else you've got thats worth having even if you aren't selling.

    MM could work well for low agro, ebay for more money, but both assume you either sell to someone local or if you still have the box etc. and can send it.
  6. sbi5ar


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    Gumtree all the way. iMacs will not be cheap to ship with insurance and acceptable packaging so getting people to pick it up and see it there and then is good. You will get time wasters but so long as you are not in a rush and don't put yourself out for viewings then you'll be fine.

    The other option is eBay with local pickup only options. Either way... I would not post something like an iMac.

    Where about are you based? I'd stick it up on MM anyway... If you get interest for the right price then sell it there, no harm in putting it up in multiple places (you often see this on MM).