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Best way to get 5.1 from all sources on my TV?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by keogh, 10 Mar 2010.

  1. keogh


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    Location: Bangkok, Thailand (formally London)

    Howdy All,

    Ok, this may seem a bit thick, but I'm not entirely sure how this works, so hoping you guys can help.

    Several months ago I got a Samsung 40" UE40B7020 LED TV, but I want to get a 5.1 sound system to power ALL sound from the TV.

    So connected to the TV I have:

    • Xbox 360
    • PlayStation 3
    • Sky HD
    • Blu-Ray/DVD Player

    All of which are in the 4 HDMI ports on the TV. How would I get 5.1 sound (or the best it can produce) to pump out to a 5.1 system? Would I connect the 5.1 system to the optical out on the TV? Or would I have to go via one of the other devices?

    My TV manual says something about only outputting 2 channel sound if the device is connected via the HDMI port, and if I want 5.1 sound I should plug the home theatre receiver directly into the device I want 5.1 sound to come from... but this would surely mean moving the input of the receiver to the appropriate device everytime I want to utilise the 5.1, which would get very tedious. Is this correct?

    Also, I would like a Samsung 5.1 system (to match my TV/Blu-Ray player) but I cannot seem to find a Samsung 5.1 home sound system without a damn Blu-Ray/DVD player. I have already got one of those, I just want speakers and an amp (assume I would need an amp as well)?

    Any advice you can give will be appreciated!

  2. probedb

    Wise Guy

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    You either buy an AV receiver or all in one and plugin all your sources to that. This provides the sound, you then have one HDMI lead going from the receiver to the TV for the picture.
  3. keogh


    Joined: 22 Jun 2004

    Posts: 2,761

    Location: Bangkok, Thailand (formally London)

    Ah right, that makes sense! Know of any samsung systems that match that without a blu-ray/DVD player bundled in? I basically want the speakers and the receiver.
  4. hurfdurf


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  5. Richiev4


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  6. Maniacfest


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    I would go down the AV receiver route, as this will give you lots more options compared to a all in one system. As Richiev4 said have a look on RS, will give you an idea of how much you need to spend to get started. BTW we have the same TV as you, beast of a TV!
  7. james.miller


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    samsung receivers are arse. i really REALLY wouldnt buy one on the strength that it looks like your other kit. if you want a reciever with that shiny piano look, then something like the sony strdn1000 would be a good bet.

    ...but we have no idea what your budget is :)
  8. keogh


    Joined: 22 Jun 2004

    Posts: 2,761

    Location: Bangkok, Thailand (formally London)

    Budget wise I'm not sure, as I'm not sure what they really retail at, but I wouldn't really want to pay more than £300 and it doesn't have to be an awesome system, I'm not really an audiophile. But piano black is quite important!