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Betfair and the Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Sadgeek, 28 May 2006.

  1. Sadgeek

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    Sorry if this is not the right place for the topic, but as it involves the Monaco Grand Prix, I saw this as the more obvious place for it.

    Yesterday I had Alonso backed to be on Pole Position. I was gutted at first to see Schumi post the great time (and his subsequent behaviour) but chuffed when I heard that he had his times removed, so expected Betfair to pay out on Alonso being on Pole.

    When they still hadn't paid out on this today, I dropped them an email asking when it would appear on my statement.

    Their response was:

    My discussion point here with them, is that the FIA stripped Schumi of his times, and hence he could not be on Pole, but placed at the back of the grid, and liken this to a stewards enquiry on a horse race.

    The question here is, am I right in my reading of the situation, or are Betfair just being a bit awkward as they have probably already paid out to those who backed Michael?

  2. DaveyD

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    I think with that situation, a lot of people will have bet on Schumi for getting pole as well. Meaning at a certain time after the qualifying happened, they will have given a payout to those that bet on Schumi, so their decision will be final on that I guess, that in their small print / message you got proves that the result is final. It'll be the same if Schumi had to have an engine change in the morning of the race, you can't go back on the payouts, and say sorry, we need our money back.
  3. penski


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    I <3 Betfair. I really do :)

  4. Sadgeek

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    Cheers Davey.

    The FIA have no times recorded for Michael for qualifying, so I'm suggesting that Betfair have nothing to fall back on.

    I don;t necessarily want them to get their money back of everyone else, just give me my money please sir, thank you sir, and nothing more will be said ;)

    I wouldn't normally worry about it, but it's not a small sum of money that I have lost (though yes, I can afford to lose it I'd really rather not).

    Anyway, I've pointed them in the direction of the officially published FIA timings and hope that they relent for me.