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Big Brother we all want to see....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gjrc, 10 Sep 2009.

  1. gjrc


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    i would watch that!!


    Nine young women have been duped into appearing in internet pornography after starring in a fake Big Brother-style show. The 16 to 24-year-olds were locked in a house and filmed round-the-clock for two months.

    But instead of fame and fortune from becoming reality show stars, naked pictures of the women were sold on the internet.

    The scam in Turkey was uncovered when one anxious set of parents contacted police.

    Officers raided the luxury villa in Istanbul, where the women were being held, last weekend.

    The victims had all responded to an advertisement on the internet asking for contestants for a new Turkish show called Somebody's Watching You.

    They signed contracts agreeing to stay at the house for the two-month period and to pay a forfeit of £20,000 if they walked out.

    Initially, the women were delighted after moving into the luxury villa, complete with swimming pool.

    But, within a matter of weeks, they realised that something was wrong when the show failed to follow the usual format, like test and evictions.

    When they demanded to be released, the victims were told they would have to pay the £20,000 fine before they could leave the property.

    None of the housemates could afford to pay and they all continued to stay in the house for the two-month experiment.

    When police arrived at the villa, they could hear the women calling for help from inside.

    The victims were released on Sunday and one Turkish man was arrested, as the investigation continued.
  2. Smit


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    :p what people do for fame
  3. G-MAN2004


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    How did they get hold of the naked pictures then? :confused:
  4. Smit


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    Location: West Lothian

    I guess filmed while changing/washing :confused:
  5. V4NT0M


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  6. scorza


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    This week's task: wrestling in baby oil!
  7. 4T5

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    Genius !!!
  8. Jambo


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    Seems a bit pointless. I don't think anyone would pay to see that considering what you can get for free.
  9. steve-h


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    pictures they say...
  10. InvaderGIR


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    Of under-age people!
  11. Aedus


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    That's freaking epic.
  12. Lightnix


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    Some of them aren't. :p
  13. clade


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    that bloke is a total loser, he had women locked in a house willing to do anything in the name of tv and didnt even come up with one task!! i can think of 5 already
  14. shauncr91


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  15. timaloy


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    seen that in the days paper was pisn maslf
  16. Hitman_Leon

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    Only 5 lol.
  17. TFleming

    Wise Guy

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    Rofl, only in Turkey
  18. Buffman


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    The dishes
    The washing
    The cleaning
    The ironing
    The cooking :D
  19. gillywibble

    Capo Crimine

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    Excellent :D