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Bios and post artifacts

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ciggybumly, 2 Dec 2018.

  1. ciggybumly


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    Hi all

    Just after a bit of advice regarding a recent build I’ve just completed.

    I’m using an Asrock b450 itx motherboard, 200GE, 2x4gb qvl ram, 250gb ssd, Corsair cx450m psu.

    While using the onboard hdmi I’m getting terrible artifacting on my 1440p monitor.


    When in windows all seems fine, and to be honest, it doesn’t always artifacts (probably does 80% time). Ive tried other hdmi cables and the same happens. When using the onboard DisplayPort all is fine and no artifacts.

    Typically I didn’t buy from ocuk this time, as I took advantage on the recent ebay discount code. Is this looking like a motherboard issue or is it a cpu issue as it’s the recent and app 200GE.

    Any advice welcome. I have the opportunity to return items but again just my luck the cpu and motherboard came from different suppliers.