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Bitlocker to go - decrypting external HDD

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by bobby_valentino, 19 Sep 2009.

  1. bobby_valentino


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    Hi, I had windows 7 isntalled but decided to install XP due to older games not working to well with win 7. Whilst i had win 7 installed i encrypted my external usb HDD using bitlocker and the installed on XP only to find out that win 7 had been messed up due to me not installing it in ascending order, as your ment to do it. So i insatlled XP adn then installed win 7 only to find tha the icon for the external usb doesnt appear in my computer. Disk manager shows the usb as having unalocated space. How can i get the drive to show back (recover the deleted bitlocker partition) so i can go ahead and decrypt the drive and have access to all my files again?

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  2. Memphis


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    I'm gonna go ahead and suggest you're not getting your data back, but will be very happy for someone to prove me wrong.