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Blackberry/equivalent on O2 or 3?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Sic, 2 May 2006.

  1. Sic


    Joined: 9 Nov 2004

    Posts: 15,365

    Location: SO16

    i want a blackberry. i'm using email constantly now (like way more than texting, but still texting a lot :rolleyes: ) and the K750i just isnt cutting it, because it wont tell me when i've got new email; i have to keep checking. i'm under the impression that a Blackberry will work just like my email client and it'll tell me as soon as it knows that i've got a new email; which is what i want!

    what phones do this on O2 or 3? my knowledge of phones is fairly sparse now! i have to have a camera in there as well...i love having that feature. i don't care about listening to music on there, so mp3 player isnt essential.

    would anyone be so kind as to outline a couple of options for me, or just give me some model numbers/names so i can have a look for myself?

    thank you :)
  2. Scottland


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: North Wales

    I thought you could have a blackberry on O2?

    Eitherway, you can configure the K750i to check email every xx minutes then it beeps and tells you that ygm, that any use?

    If not, check out any of the Nokia N series, or any of the O2 XDA range. The latter are essentially PDA's with a phone attached, rather than a phone with PDA capabilities - if that makes sense?
  3. mrgubby


    Joined: 21 Oct 2002

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    Location: 30 miles north of London

    My O2 XDA mini-S supports push email if thats any interest :)
  4. Sic


    Joined: 9 Nov 2004

    Posts: 15,365

    Location: SO16

    i was just looking at that XDA Mini...is it any good? tbh, the push email is what i'm looking for, it's not like it has to be a blackberry, i just don't know what else does it!
  5. Kappa


    Joined: 11 Aug 2003

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    Location: Essex

    phones like the N70 and the XDAs can support push email, but just depends if you can get a service for them. O2 do blackberry AFAIK, if you wanted push email service on a phone other than blackberry's, Vodafone have Vodafone Business Email which will work on the N70, Qtek 9100 (XDA mini s) and a few others, and starts from £10 a month. Is it definitely o2 or 3 you wanted?
  6. teh_captain


    Joined: 2 Jun 2003

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    Location: Soundwell, Bristol UK

    O2 are meant to be releasing the Nokia E61 on contract on May 15th, it looks like a kind of Blackberry device, and i think it does push email. Looks the dogs too :)

    There's a good review of it here.

    Hope that helps :)

    t3h :cool:
  7. oddjob62


    Joined: 8 Nov 2002

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    Location: NW London

    But surely that only makes a difference if you have an exchange server.

    TBH with Blackberry, unless you are attached to a bes server, the service providers servers will only poll your email servers every 10-20 mins. So it's not like you get the email any quicker (in fact probably slower) than if you set up POP3 on your phone and set it to check every 5 minutes.

    Oh and O2 definately do blackberry. I have worked with them for a couple of years now supported BES servers and BB devices.
  8. jhmaeng

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 6 May 2004

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    Location: London, UK

    If you find an Exchange email hosting service (some of them are even free, from what I gather) then you will get full push email service on your WM5 device. Apparently it uses something like 500kb of data per day, so if you don't have a generous data allowance then I would suggest getting a bolt-on data.

    Have a look here. Also, if you don't mind paying, the 1&1 Exchange Mail Hosting is a 1GB mailbox Exchange/Outlook service with no ads and very versatile access methods (i.e. Sync with desktop Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile Access (access all your details over WAP) and push email) Costs £7 per month, though...
  9. Sic


    Joined: 9 Nov 2004

    Posts: 15,365

    Location: SO16

    thanks for the replies everyone :)

    i was thinking about the whole push thing, and it's probably going to use more data than i can afford. i might just get any phone that can support email and just manually check it. it's only during the day that i'll really need it (ie. when work will tell me off for using their computers to check my email! :o) so push might be a bit extravagant for me!

    i accidentally discovered the 7380 yesterday and even though it doesnt do half the things i want it to, i can't help but feel like i need it in my life!!

    i also think that my choices will narrow to Orange and O2 now. i dont like vodafone and i've never liked T-Mobile so i just dont want them (plus T-Mobile gets bad reception everywhere i go! i was leaning against Nokia because the last couple i've had have been terrible (3230 and 7610) but they might have gotten their acts together.

    just off to read that E61 review and probably fruitlessly browse nokia's website :p

    feel free to recommend anything that looks nice, is smallish (not tiny, my K750i is a nice size, as is the XDA Mini) and supports email of any description - i'm pretty openminded at the moment.

    oh yeah, and if it's orange, it'll clash with my hair! :o:p
  10. Kappa


    Joined: 11 Aug 2003

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    Location: Essex

    normally when you go for a blackberry or email package you pay something like £10-15 a month for the service, which includes a certain amount of data. I think the main reason you'd pay for this is if the emails are important enough to reply to straight away (i.e. for work) I manually check my uni email every now and then on my sharp 903, bit of a bugger but doesnt use much data.
  11. Energize


    Joined: 12 Mar 2004

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    Location: England

    There are a few pocket pc email clients that you can just set to automatically check for mail every min, no need to pay for a service.
  12. stoofa


    Joined: 4 Mar 2003

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    Location: Chatteris

    Nothing (at the moment) can beat the convenience of a Blackberry.
    We have an MS Exchange Server and we also have our own Blackberry Enterprise Server.
    We've also got about 20 users who have Blackberry's on Vodafone.
    I can't remember which tarrif they are all on - however it is a one off monthly payment for unlimited data transfer.

    So no need to check for e-mails etc, so long as you're in coverage it is a full push service.
    E-mail will arrive at the Blackberry on average 10 seconds after it arrives in your Inbox - full push service.
    It's also a fully two way system, so if you delete something on the Blackberry it will delete it in your Exchange inbox too (if you want it to).

    Certainly not the cheapest solution out there and I still feel RIM should team up with a handset maker to work on better handsets.
    But those boys ar RIM certainly know their stuff and the Blackberry services are great.