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Blackberry Sat Nav

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by nands, 15 Apr 2010.

  1. nands


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    Hi All,

    Just upgraded to a Storm 2 and like the phone and extra functions over my old Nokia but am stuck with no Sat Nav. I was spoiled before with the free Nokia Maps which I thought was excellent.

    I had assumed that the Blackberry would come with Sat Nav, never gave it a thought when I saw GPS and all. I was surprised yesterday when I asked it to direct me home it came up with a list of directions and no voice!

    Anyway looking into it a bit more it would seem that I would have to buy sat nav software. I have looked about a bit and even found some free ones for the USA, does anyone know of there are any free UK apps or any coming up that I could wait for (following Nokia's example maybe).

    Failing that what software do you use and why?

  2. Gav

    Wise Guy

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    i use vodafone's sat nav. It is pretty good. I think it is by Telemap
  3. scrlk


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    I think that company got shut down in March.
  4. Richdog


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  5. nands


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    Posts: 3,316