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Blackwell agrees new Leeds deal

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by Tru, 7 Mar 2006.

  1. Tru


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  2. Andybtsn


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    Would of been unhappy with this move come last season as he did make a few weird mistakes, however he has created a great team this season and deserves it.

    Even so he did let Marlon King go!

    Now to get 2nd place! :D
  3. Gilly

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    I'm not sure, seems a weird decision to me.

    He's done fantastically well but if doing well this season was all that was needed for this deal to be offered then why wasn't it offered earlier?

    To even be in a position to be vying for 2nd place was inconceivable 2 years ago. People thought we wouldn't exist or we'd go the way of sheff weds, bradford, et al.

    Having said that, someone with Prem experience would've been good. Blackie is also quite naive in the press.

    If he's not doing well in the Prem if we get promoted though he's going to have to go. We can't afford to do a Sunderland.
  4. Andybtsn


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    I'm pretty sure Bates would not stand for the same situation that has happened at Sunderland this season.

    It depends what happens in the transfer market also, If Bates gives Blackwell money to spend will he have the prem expierence to bring in the correct players?


    I think he needs someone who has been there done that as his assistant, but if we're doign badly at Xmas, I doubt Bates would think twice about sacking him.

    All this is said very prematurely, he still have a hell of a long way to get that automatic/playoff place.