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Blu-Ray HD output, will be full HD for Sony/Disney regardless of Analogue or Digital

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Werewolf, 1 Mar 2006.

  1. Werewolf


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    I've seen a few posts about how the HD specifications call for the player not to output at the full resolution if you are using analogue outputs to the TV.

    As I suggested in a few such threads, the lower res is only an option that has to be on the player (something I picked up from one of the sites I visit), for if the content providers wish to use it, it is not something that will always be used (the same as Macrovision and region coding have to be supported by the player, but not always used if the disc doesn't call on them).

    However, it now appears that both Sony and Disney have publicly stated that they will not be using the "Image Constraint Flag", and their releases should always be in the full resolution supported by the disc, player and TV regardless of if you use Analogue or Digital connections (so if you play a Sony disc it won't matter if the TV connects via analogue or digital as long as the TV supports the resolution).

    So don't panic.
  2. Eliot


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    Thats pretty cool of them :) but it doesnt effect me anyway.
  3. XD-3

    Wise Guy

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    :D that sound good to me less for us to worrie about when blu-ray hits. Good find Werewold.