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Bookface and such sites

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HungryHippos, 1 Oct 2009.

  1. HungryHippos


    Joined: 25 Mar 2004

    Posts: 8,700

    Location: Fareham

    Anyone else hate facebook/Twitter etc as much as me?

    My sisters are on facebook all the time and think it's the next best thing, they don't seem to understand why I don't use it as well

    Who's with me? down with facebook!
  2. Fuzz


    Joined: 3 Aug 2003

    Posts: 15,298

    Location: Cheltenham ;-)

    Luddite :p
  3. Explicit

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 11 Feb 2006

    Posts: 2,186

    So you're an introvert then? :p
  4. R B Customs


    Joined: 22 Sep 2005

    Posts: 3,266

    Location: Manchester

    You only hate it 'cos you're not down with the hip-cats.

    It's a good way to keep in touch with lots of people, for example - just starting uni - everyone is on facebook, you can organise things, meet up (in real life) and so on.

    It's all god fun :)

    I don't do twitter / myspace though, just facebook as it works quite well and people use their real names.
  5. Russinating


    Joined: 27 Dec 2005

    Posts: 16,375

    Location: Bristol

    I don't think Facebook is the next best thing, but it's useful.
  6. Aod


    Joined: 7 Oct 2004

    Posts: 8,675

    Location: London

    i hate the way that facebook seems to monopolize all of people's free time.
  7. Ciphon

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 9 Dec 2008

    Posts: 2,341

    Location: Hampshire

    It is a good way to stay in touch with people that you don't see often.

    But people do get oh so obsessed with it, which is what annoys me.

    I have an account, don't really check it regularly, and I wouldn't be disappointed if I could never log into it again.
  8. Psypher5


    Joined: 11 Jan 2005

    Posts: 9,975

    Location: Birmingham

    Kind of annoying in a way, our module tutors at uni seem ot think its awesome to find a totally random social site and make use of them for work log threads and such... or to locate info for the course.

    Ive had to join about 3 extra ones this academic year for this :/
  9. Martins

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 7 Jan 2005

    Posts: 1,026

    Agreed, I thought Facebook was so much wifflepiff until I started uni, then suddenly it all made sense!
  10. Emlyn_Dewar


    Joined: 15 Oct 2003

    Posts: 12,820

    Location: Chengdu

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  11. yoyo50


    Joined: 19 Oct 2008

    Posts: 1,248

    Location: PROland

    nothing wrong with facebook but ****er on the other hand :rolleyes:
  12. Vonhelmet


    Joined: 28 Jun 2005

    Posts: 48,107

    Location: On the hoods

    Said the guy on a web forum...
  13. GHz


    Joined: 31 Aug 2009

    Posts: 68

    I dont mind the site but what i hate is when you go on you have loads of posts (read spam) about that stupid animal farm.

    I dont care if you got a new sheep or cow. :rolleyes:
  14. Al Vallario


    Joined: 3 Aug 2005

    Posts: 4,534

    Location: UK

    Well, why don't you use it as well as your sisters? Is it privacy concerns, an introverted character, or do you just plain not see the appeal of it all?

    I'll admit the appeal of networks such as Facebook tend to be rooted in peer pressure. Certainly for myself, and many others I'm sure, Facebook is ubiquitous in certain social circles and living without it is more hassle than it's worth.
  15. Doonhamer

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 19 May 2005

    Posts: 2,417

    Location: Scottish Borders

    So why not use the available options to hide stuff you dont want to see :confused:
  16. dangerstat


    Joined: 15 Nov 2008

    Posts: 5,061

    Location: In the ether

    I think the term is quite clear, facebook - surely that's encoraging all those who have facebook accounts to be smacked in the face with a book. Lets give them what they want then ;)
  17. Chimerical


    Joined: 21 Jul 2007

    Posts: 5,487

    I deleted my Facebook account. Shows how edgy and controversial I am.
  18. Al Vallario


    Joined: 3 Aug 2005

    Posts: 4,534

    Location: UK

    Did you update your Facebook status so all your friends could know... oh, wait.
  19. GHz


    Joined: 31 Aug 2009

    Posts: 68

    I have done ;)
  20. ScarySquirrel


    Joined: 13 Jan 2004

    Posts: 23,602

    Location: South East

    Or you could just ignore it and get on with your life if you don't like it.

    People like it, get over it. It IS useful, for many many things.