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Boot drive keeps disappearing....

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jweaver, 12 Sep 2009.

  1. jweaver


    Joined: 30 Apr 2009

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    A couple of months back, I upgraded/rebuilt my PC around an ASUS M4A78 motherboard.

    I also bought a 1TB Seagate 7200.12 as my 'boot' drive but also re-used a old (and reliable) 750GB 7200.11 disk that I had in the old PC.

    Its been 100% stable.. I haven't had an once of trouble and its never crashed or rebooted.. Until last night.

    I was just going to bed and I had a popup saying that there was an "Adobe Update".. I normally ignore these but decided to hit 'accept'.. I think then I played a video and refreshed a web site when I heard a strange noise.. It sounded like the hard drive(s) shutting down or starting up. Then everything happened really quickly.. I got a BSOD followed by a restart..

    Then after POST, I got an error stating that there was no bootable media availalble (or words to that effect).. After a bit of playing I found that it was trying to boot off my 750GB drive as the 1TB was not even visible/detected by the BIOS!

    It looked like the 1TB was dead, but as a test, I removed the power 750GB and immediately the 1TB re-appeared and the PC booted.. I then shut down, reconnected the 750GB and booted and all was back to normal.

    I then went to bed.. But when I woke up this morning it was at POST again, talking about a non-bootable disk.. Looking in the BIOS, again the 750GB was visible, but not the 1TB.. And again, removing the 750GB allowed the MB to see the 1TB again.

    Now this looks like a fault with the new 1TB disk... But why would removing the 750GB resolve the issue.. I am wondering whether the 750GB is at fault, or even the motherboard.

    It up and running again, and has been for 4 hours with no problems.. But I am monitoring this.. Does anyone have any thoughts?