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Broadband Availability and ADSL Ordering

Discussion in 'NIC Archive' started by 6thElement, 18 Oct 2002.

  1. 6thElement


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    Use the links to check your eligiblity for ADSL or Cable based services.

    Even if the online checks say broadband is unavailable, ring the contact numbers just to make sure.

    Note: Provided by BT Ignite to the ISPs

    Postcode check for ADSL telephone exchange

    List of ADSL ISPs

    NTL Cable

    Postcode check

    Or ring 0800 0526789

    Telewest Cable

    Postcode check and List of supported areas
    Or ring 0800 953 0454
  2. Lostie


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    ADSL-ordering FAQ *UPDATED 19/04/2003*:

    Q: Can you tell me when my exchange will be ADSL-enabled? Do you have any info on future rollout plans?
    A: NO, use http://www.bt.com/broadband - it is just as up to date as anything else BT use internally!!!

    Q: How about ISDN?
    A: Virtually every exchange in the UK can have ISDN. The distance limit is further than ADSL. It's pretty certain you can get it, even if you live in the middle of nowhere. (NB: there are a few UXD5B exchanges that can have Business Highway and ISDN2e, but not Home Highway yet, and a few more VERY RARE UXD5B's that can't have ISDN at all.)

    Q: My order has been delayed and my ISP are no use/keeping me in the dark, can you help?
    A: Maybe. This is a last resort though.

    Q: My order failed for line length/loss ! What can I do ?
    A: You have 4 options:
    1. There is an ongoing trial by BT Wholesale at the moment to increase the line length/loss limit. Wait a few months for this.
    2. Stay with your 56k modem or get ISDN. For borderline people only go to 2 and 3.
    3. Try sending the order in a few more times (any more than 3 is pointless) - you may get lucky, this is because a new line test is done with each order, the results of which can and do vary a bit.
    4. Order a new normal PSTN telephone line (cost: £75 I think). Do not cancel your old one before the new one is installed, and you must make sure it's installed on a new cable, NOT the current one (may be tricky getting the engineer to do this - but possible). You also need to make very sure they don't put you on a DACS. There is no guarantee this will work, you have to decide if the CHANCE of being able to get ADSL is worth £75 or not. Try here as a last resort!.
    New information! - Some departments of BT Broadband (BT Retail) will install you a new phoneline, attempt to get ADSL installed on it, and if it fails the test they will take out the phoneline and give you a full refund! Getting them to do this is possible and has been done before, but might be tricky.

    Q: There is a problem with my ADSL connection ! It's not working/very slow - is my router/modem set up correctly?
    A: Call your ISP and/or modem supplier then.
    Self-install customers only: If you report it as a fault and it goes to BT, and BT find no fault on your line, you WILL be charged - I think the fee is around the £70 mark. So be very sure it's not a problem with your kit! There are a lot of good people on this forum that will help if it is a problem at your end, or you could try the ADSLGuide forums.
    When reporting a fault, try not to report it as a "slow connection" fault, use the word "intermittent" if you can. Official BT policy is to not send an engineer out to investigate/fix a 'slow connection' fault, unless there are exceptional circumstances. You also need to call your ISP almost daily, but if you leave it for more than 48hours, there is a good chance that BT will close your fault as completed with reason "No response from End User"! Be wary of that.

    Q: OK I've ordered ADSL with xxxx ISP. What modem/router do I need ???
    A: You have a choice of the following ADSL modem types: PCI, USB, ROUTER. Most people will recommend you get a router, some models are just as cheap as USB/PCI modems and are just generally better. There are too many models to mention really, most will suit your needs just fine.

    Q: What ISP shall I go with ?
    A: Please go over to the ADSLGuide Forums and have a good read about all the ISP's, of which there are over 400! The "top three" are generally ragarded to be (in no particular order) Eclipse, Nildram, and Zen.

    Q: MicroFilters? What are they then and how many (if any) do I need?
    A: If you are ordering a self-install or wires-only ADSL service (most are nowadays), you need at least 1 MicroFilter. Count every single analogue device plugged into your phoneline (56k-modem/fax/answering-machine/telephone) - you will need 1 microfilter for each device.

    Q: What's the story with these cheap 1 and 2mbit ADSL services I keep hearing about?
    A: Bit of a minefield at the moment. Nildram's 1mbit "home user" service is £39.99 a month, and their 2mbit is £58 a month. Prices should come down more in the not too distant future, watch this space!
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  3. 6thElement


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  4. Dave L

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    Midband ain't worth bothering with from what I read in one of the PC magazines!
  5. Nexy


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    Surely if you can't get broadband and you're getting low speeds on a dialup, would 64K or 128K not be a worthwhile upgrade? It's just Home Highway, but it's unmetered (kinda, you know BT).

    If I couldn't get my ADSL, I'd definately want unmetered ISDN, wouldn't you? Especially as it'd only cost me less than £10 extra a month and I could make voice calls when surfing (at 64K :) ).

    But this is the ADSL and Broadband FAQ, should it be expanded to Midband also, or another thread for alternatives, or should I just shut the heck up?



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  6. Yewen


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    5 star thread imo
  7. masterk


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    That actually is what BT use internally!
  8. tolien


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    Might be worth mentioning:
    This is a short mention on ADSLGuide about DataStream
  9. jakemuk


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    mmmmm where on earth you get that bt use that internaly from ? i dont think they do
  10. tolien


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  11. tolien


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    Signal to Noise Ratio explained.
    Attenuation is explained as:
    Both courtesy of Wikipedia.
  12. chemdog


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  13. Monstermunch

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    BTW I have been told that Telewest and NTL will be merging soon and when that has been done NTL will be upgrading their 1mb & 2mb services to 10mb with a download limit relating to package price. Also please note I have yet to speak to anyone who has nice things to say about NTL, dealing with them is a nightmare. (but having said that, dealing with any type of communications company is a NIGHTMARE! They're all rubbish)
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