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Buying advice - car left standing for 2/3 months

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Adam, 16 Jun 2006.

  1. Adam


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    Went to view a 172 Cup today privately. Am very keen on the car itself, in good condition, has 26k on the clock on a 52 plate registered Dec 02, nice and straight with no dents or bodywork damage. The interior is in good condition, never been smoked in but does need some attention to tidy up. Tax has unfortunaly expired 2 months previously, there is a slight descrepancy with the service history although I am assured this is just mislaid (there is 1 reciept for a service, 0 stamps in the book but the guy is adament it was service in December as well). The MOT also runs until December 2006.

    Onto the bad points. The car has been left standing for 2/3 months. The guy selling the car is actually the owners grandad as the owner is in America. I get the impression he just upped and left. Everything seems very genuine and I have a friend who lives opposite who put me in contact so he can vouch for this. The battery is currently flat although he is getting it replaced/charged so I can start the car when I visit on Sunday. He will also have the service history resolved. What problems may I encounter? Would you avoid the car?

    Onto the price, well under £6k :)
  2. thedazman67

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    Does seem a bit suspcious to me if the guy upped and left, i would get a HPI check done on the car to see if its finance free etc. Also when the battery has been replaced take it for a proper test drive as in the way the were ment to be driven hello 5k rpm+ ;)