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Camber adjustment

Discussion in 'Motors' started by AHarvey, 2 Apr 2019.

  1. AHarvey


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    Hi all,

    I have a mk5 golf that's been lowered on Eibach springs, and the front Camber is out currently. As the front is a case of adjusting the subframe I've been advised to just get it adjusted to 1.45 each side for a fast road setup. 1.65 is recommended but current figures would mean 1.45 is just a subframe adjustment. The rears can be independently adjusted.

    I don't have an issue with that but I want to get it to RTech for an engine and DSG remap and they insist the camber is 0 so that you don't have issues on the rolling road.

    I've asked in the VW facebook groups but get a lot of conflicting information on the best way to accomplish it so I've come here.

    What external mods are the best way of adjusting camber on the front without causing issues with handling and putting the power down? I'll be fitting an anti-lift kit and some other handling mods as well as time goes on so want everything to be compatible.
  2. no idea what


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    Are adjustable top mounts available for your car? I run some which allow camber and castor adjustment.
  3. Sindri


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    I take it you realise that when they quoted 1.45 they mean negative camber? I have heard of people on other forums just mentioning a number and ending up with positive camber as they weren't specific during setup.

    Quite amazed that RTech request 0 camber, as i have never been questioned/ had geo checked before my car has been on a dyno.
  4. AHarvey


    Joined: 6 Mar 2008

    Posts: 10,015

    Location: Stoke area

    I know i've seen it on their site but the only thing I can see at the moment is this:

    1. Ride Height: Our dyno is a deep sitting heavy duty Bosch twin roller setup which requires the cars wheels to see deep into the rollers, all cars with stock ride height will sit fine into the rollers and car with a 20-25mm spring drops can be made to fit into the rollers just, but if you are running coil over you will need to raise them a day or 2 before your booking slot so you cars sump won’t hit the rollers. The bottom arms will need to be sitting in their stock 90 deg position to fit into the rollers. Don’t leave raising the coil overs until the last minute, because in most cases they are stuck and require a lot of time to raise. We do not offer a service to raise coil overs on the day of booking. If the car is to low and hits the rollers we cannot tune the car.

    I'd not seen that before so it looks like I'll be getting some OEM springs for it to be tuned on as mine will be too low anyway, but i'll still need a decent way to adjust camber after the remap. I could have seen Niki from there say it online.

    Not sure, I'll have a look. :)
    Last edited: 3 Apr 2019