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Can anyone help me with Morrowind distant lands?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Langlest, 13 Oct 2009.

  1. Langlest

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    i have been trying for the past fer hours to get distant lands to work with morrowind but im having no luck :(
    i used morrowind graphics extender v3.8.0 but they just wont show in game, the resolution and aa/af are showing fine but the distant lands are nowhere to be seen

    im running the steam version of morrowind so could this be the problem? :confused:

    i thought maybe some of you might have tried it out seeing LeJosh's posts in the screenshot thread and overcome the problem im having :)
  2. Briton

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    I posted on this in 2006 when I was using Distant Lands. Can't remember much about the program now but here's what I said then. ;)

    'You need to generate the distant lands using 'Distant land texture and mesh creator' under the tools tab. You then do the same for statics using the 'Distant lands static generator'. There are lots of settings you can change but I just left them on the defaults in the end.'

    'Oh and you have to select 'Distant land' and 'Distant statics' under the Global graphics tab'.

    Don't know if that'll help.
  3. Mahnsikir

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    If you're running the steam version distant land wont work, unless they've updated it since steam release that is.
    Last edited: 13 Oct 2009
  4. LeJosh


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    I'm still using discs in the dvd drive. If mahnsikir is correct then that will be your problem. :/

    I didn't actually generate distant land textures, first time I tried that and it didn't work. Went without and well you saw my shots in the thread. I'll post photos of the GUI. I've done some stuff and I'll see if it is any different.

    Anyway you could play the game without using steam? You need the tribunal expansion and also the bloodmoon expansion fully patched for MGE to work aswell.

    Last edited: 14 Oct 2009
  5. Langlest

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    Joined: 11 Jun 2006

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    Location: Middlesborough

    thanks guys :) i did all those things and i have the goty version that comes with all the expansions so it looks like steam is the problem ;)

    i guess ill have to either pick up the cd version or wait