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Can i take it back?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Colbaker, 15 Oct 2009.

  1. Colbaker

    Wise Guy

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    Location: Paignton, Devon

    Hi all,

    On 2nd October i purchased a Nokia N97 on Vodaphone network through Phones 4 U, I am really not happy with Vodaphone mainly and want to go back to O2, Anyone have any idea's what is the period i can cancel the contract with them?

  2. Monkey Puzzle


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    Sorry to hear of your n97 woes.

    I got an n97 from phones4u on vodafone on sept 19th. I've spent about 6-7 hours in total sat in phones4u shops arguing over a refund.

    Phones4u technical department told me there's no issue, despite it being sat in front of me dropping signal to nothing and staying there in a town centre store as he said that. At the postcode they told me there would be good signal when I bought it, I get no signal unless I stand outside, when I then get 2-3 bars if I'm lucky. It rarely gets any reception and the signal fluctuates and drops calls all the time. They're a bunch of con-men.

    In the end I had to write to head office to demand a refund. I got a call from them yesterday, saying they could exchange for a different handset, but would only offer a refund if I got verification from vodafone I had signal issues. So I called up vodafone customer services, got them to put a note on my account that the area I'm in gets poor signal, and I'm waiting to get a callback this afternoon from phones4u head office to see if they'll finally cancel the contract.

    This whole process has been a lot of hassle, and really it shouldn't be so difficult to return a product that fails to perform its most basic function (bugs and general n97 crappiness aside).

    I guess the moral of the story is: Never buy anything from Phones4u.
  3. Colbaker

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    Joined: 8 Dec 2004

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    Location: Paignton, Devon

    I am not getting so many problems from the Phone but the network is not good, It take hours for a mms to be sent, I keep recieving duplicate or triplicate messages when only one is sent and there 3G network seems to drop from a good few bars to nothing. Just not happy with them at all.

    Have been searching online and unfortunatly looks like i could have returned it after 7 days but it is not 13 days, I was hopeing that the 14 days return policy would work.

    looking like i have to put up with this for 24 months :(

    I will pop into my local phones 4 u store tonight but am not expecting anything.
  4. MikeHunt79


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    Sounds like it would be easier to fake your own death!