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Can someone recommend me something like Photoshop (or Photoshop!)

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by nantucket66, 21 Oct 2014.

  1. nantucket66


    Joined: 25 Jun 2005

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    At work (on a windows machine) I use photoshop on a daily basis.

    Not an expert by any stretch, I probably only use a tiny fraction of what it is capable of but I can do what do as it were. I basically take a photograph of a product (hi-res taken from supplier image library), scale it down (typically 500px sq), add some decent looking text, opaque the image, and upload to a website, nothing flash and not editing images in the typical sense.

    At home I've a MBP, I need a program that can do the same stuff on a mac. Is photoshop the best way forward, are there any alternatives people would recommend over and above PS, any decent free software out there?


  2. Feek


    Joined: 16 Oct 2002

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    There's always Photoshop Elements, that's a much cheaper option which will give you a very familiar interface and allow you to do much that you can do in the full version.
  3. Skyboat


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  4. AbsenceJam


    Joined: 2 Nov 2007

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    Pixelmator is very good, hear good stuff about Acorn as well. Both are aimed at PS users.