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Can you use one monitor between more computers?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by dr4g0nf1y, 11 Oct 2009.

  1. dr4g0nf1y

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    I can't see a problem but I'm currently disconnecting one monitor between 2 computers and I need to get another but not seen any at a good price.

    Seen a sumsung 24 inch with three ports (vga/dvi/hdmi).

    Surely I could use three computers through this as long as I'm only using one at a time, correct?
  2. philjohn


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    Should be able to. I use my HP 2475W between my desktop, a mac mini (both via DVI) and my laptop (via DisplayPort). There should be a way to switch inputs on the monitor, may be involved (submenus) or may be simple (mine's a single button push on the front panel to cycle through the available inputs).

    Other option is to go for some sort of KVM switch.
  3. Mav


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  4. VeNT


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    any old KVM will work
    you COULD just use a network VNC tool and have one as a MASTER PC.
  5. daelo


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    Ive just ordered a 4 port switch thing for vga cables, still waiting for it from ebay lol, its been 1 n a half weeks now but it did come from hong kong, so it was cheap and it wont draw any tax on itself due to the value of the item!
  6. Valleyman


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    I use a KVM between my gaming machine and a home server.

    Two keyboards and two mice would confuse the bejesus out of me so not to sure on the swapping inputs to a monitor thing.
  7. chaparral


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    Yes....I use to have two computers connected to my dell 24" monitor and flick between them by choosing the DVI input and VGA input on the monitor....
    But you need to keyboards and mouses :p

    With a KVM switch you only need one keyboard & mouse...