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Can't extend Boot Partition

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by Stan_Lite, 5 Feb 2006.

  1. Stan_Lite

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    Having a bit of a problem.

    I'm off to Egypt tomorrow for a month to work.
    I wanted to take my entire music collection with me on my laptop.

    I want to keep it all together but when I got my new laptop it had two partitions, one system and one for data and neither has enough free space to hold the entire collection.

    I deleted the data partition and converted the system partition to NTFS using the convert utility.

    I tried to extend the system partition to use the, now, unallocated space but have since discovered that the extend utility cannot extend a boot/system partition.

    Is there any way I can get around this without having to buy partition manager or such like?

    Thanks in advance.

    Stan :)
  2. nightwish


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    Put the data partition back and just split your music collection over both partitions?

    Alternatively, I'm sure the the Ultimate Boot Disc will be able to do what you want.
  3. Skilldibop

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    Buy a USB2 Hard drive, Music on that, plug in and wh00tle you go. Obviously you don't want a 500GB one, so go for a cheapy 40gig or something.
  4. me227


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    If you delete that new partition you made then you should be able to merge them using Windows.

    Right click my Computer
    Disk Management

    I think i've done this in the past before with the built in manager on a system partition.