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Car Rental

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Jay, 17 Jan 2006.

  1. Jay

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    Location: North West

    Hi, I'm looking at travelling to the south of France in the Summer, only thing is i don't fancy going in my car (petrol reasons :D ) I'm trying to look into renting a car to travel from North West England , to South France and back to NW again. I will require the car about a week.

    I looked into a few places but could not see if they allowed the cars out the country, and some places required you to be 23.

    My circumstances are, aged 21, 4 years experience. I wanted to go for a mondeo sized car with diesel engine.

    Has anyone done this before, and recommend any companies?
  2. Iceman


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    Think you might struggle
    The places i have rented (well work) you had to be either 23/25 and they had to stay in the country
    Thats was a few years ago but which companies have you tried ???
  3. Scottland


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    I've been looking into doing a similar thing. Except renting from Paris, through to southern Spain ofer a fortnight and I've found it really difficult to find anywhere that'll let me do it for less than a grand :(

    What about renting from the Eurotunnel in Calais and back? That way you're not crossing a border in it?
  4. Scuzi

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    Surely the price of renting a car for a week will far exceed the cost of petrol in your own car unless you drive a very thirsty V12 or something of the sort?