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Car Sharing

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Luke15, 14 Jan 2006.

  1. Luke15


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    Location: South East

    Well, ive spoken to my parents again, talking about weather or not they will buy me a car.

    The only way they will buy a car for my use is if i share it with my sister. Shes not a fan of driving, so ill hopefully get most of the use out of it.

    What i was wondering is have you ever shared a car? also the car concerned that we will be insuring is hopefully some sort of golf. A 1.6 automatic, or a Gti.

    how much would insurance be for 3 people to be on it?
    1st male 48
    2nd female 19
    3rd male 17
  2. [TW]Fox

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    Either a Golf 1.6 Auto or a GTI?

    Thats.... errr, two completely different ideas then..

    The only way to get an accurate quote would be to run a quote through an insurers site, nobody here can accurately guess unfortunately.
  3. NickXX


    Joined: 19 May 2005

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    Considered a manual Golf TDI? It will be a little easier to drive than a petrol manual (for your sister), and will have more grunt than a 1.6 auto for you and your Dad.