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Car Sprayers

Discussion in 'Motors' started by carpmaster, 29 Jan 2006.

  1. carpmaster

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    I've got a Transit Van which is in good nick on an R registration, but the colour is BT grey and there are one or two rust patches appearing.

    I've stopped the rust, but really what the van needs is a respray. I don't really need a "full on" job i.e. under all the bonnet etc but I do want the outside to look spot on.

    Anyone know a sprayer near to Uxbridge, Middlesex, and roughly how much would i be looking at to do this.
  2. Tesla


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    Completely OT but could you go on MSN please Dave.
  3. Jonny69

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    £500-600 for a blow over, maybe more due to the size of the vehicle