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Careers advice (Mature student)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Compound, 14 May 2010.

  1. Compound


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    Hi there. I wonder if you jolly nice people can lend me some advice.

    Firstly, i'll give you a bit of background about myself:-

    I am 29 years old and have been working since I left school. I completed a craft, then technician apprenticeship with BAE Systems and attained a HND in aeronautical engineering. I have been working in aircraft design for ~7 years since completion of my apprenticeship working on interesting aerospace projects.

    Sadly the aerospace industry in the south east of england does not look too good for the long term so last year i decided to head back to college on a part time basis to study for a degree. As work are funding it I opted for a BSc in aeronautical engineering which is accredited by Surrey university. Due to my previous qualifications and expearience I was fortunate enough to be allowed to join the 3rd year of the course which so far has been going pretty well and hopefully i will finish it in June next year.

    My question is what should i do after that? I still want to remain in engineering but possibly at a firm in London doing something different such as transport/Building services/petro chem as I am sure i have trasferrable skills even though I have a strong aeronautics background.

    I have given grad schemes a thought but do these type of schemes work for mature students? Or would I just be better off applying for jobs and hoping for the best?:confused:

    Any advice appreciated.
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  2. Freefaller

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    Can you not contact companies and firms that you're interested in and explain your situation? They may be able to offer you something. Considering your experience and the fact you have reinforced it with an academic qualification there should be some opportunities. Though we're still in a slightly shakey ecconomic time so building/engineering firms are still trying not to sail too close to the wind with that sort of investment. You've got nothing to lose though.