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Carmack vows to move from pc to xb360

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by mortals, 1 Feb 2006.

  1. mortals


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

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    Carmack vows to move primary dev from pc to xb360

    This was posted on another forum so I thought it would be worth posting here.


    I think quake4 was a good example of the move, seemingly more like a console game than a real pc FPS, full of bugs etc.
    iDsoftware have only released 1 patch since release which only fixes ui problems. Seems to me the decision to almost abandon the pc market was made then :(.
    It's a shame really as FPS games on consoles just don't seem to work as well as using a mouse and keyboard on a pc, altho I guess they could possibly introduce some good restrictions into stopping cheats on consoles.

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  2. ben_j_davis

    Wise Guy

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    He smells money, more people buy console games than they do PC games.

    Least we still have Valve :)

    XBOX360 wont be a really good development platform when DX10 comes out (Although as someone has just pointed out (OpenGL), unless ID plans to stay in the past?
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  3. Psypher5


    Joined: 11 Jan 2005

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    Location: Birmingham

    Tbh on quake4 they did nail the fps on a console, slow/easy to do/dont have to move much. I 'spose its also alot easier to go the console route, not having to worry about covering a wide range of pc specs, enableing it to run its best on one universal machine.

    And as you said, cheating on a console is not as common, especially online, which is even more of a nudge for them to move over.
  4. Robert


    Joined: 20 Oct 2002

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    The 360 can utilize DX10 I believe.
  5. mortals


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,114

    bit different to idsoftwares past of using opengl :eek: :(
  6. ic1male


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    I wouldn't worry about it too much, we will still the next Castle Wolfenstein saga on PC, too.
  7. MiGSY


    Joined: 19 Aug 2004

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    I just lost all the respect I previously had for Carmack, god damn traitor!

    /target John Carmack
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  8. NutritioN

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    Interesting, and it's good news for us

    He doesn't "vow to move" in an interview I read (prob the same) he simply said

    This means no change surely? They'll still release PC games, who cares what they dev'd it on. If anything the new consoles are going to improve PC gaming because of

    • Competition / quality of games
    • Cross platform games before were often produced say, to the PS2/Xbox spec and fiddled "up" to the PC spec. Now hopefully the basic spec of a game will be higher and needs to be cut "down" to the PC spec.

    John Carmack loves new technology, this is new technology, he wants to use it. Awwww MIGSY! Why is he a traitor! It's not like he was our beeeotch.

    And another thing, they've released about 1 1/2 patches ;) I've been enjoying it online and offline, what bugs are there that I should have come across? From your other post it sounds like you just simply butchered your config (like me.)
  9. mortals


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,114

    here's a list for people who seem to have missed the previous posts about the bugs. (at a quick count there's 25 ?? pretty good for a game that was released months ago?? good support?? good bug testing??)

    My other post was about the bugs in singleplayer (no crosshair, lighting issues etc)

  10. NutritioN

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Nov 2003

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    Location: EC1V

    Thanks, that's what I wanted; hmmmm, a few I've experienced then. Most annoying ones involve conecting to a server (pk4 related, loading loops etc.)

    Just out of interest bug fixing side of things - where did you get that list? Or is it yours? Do you know if there's much hope of things getting sorted? Was all this stuff fine in Q3?

    Thanks for the info.
  11. mortals


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,114

    If as carmack said they are going to be moving their main development and testing to xbox360 I'd guess there isn't much hope for a patch.

    I was playing it for a few weeks after the release with some peeps who I knew from quake3, hoping they would patch it but when the patch came out all that was fixed was the gamebrowser which no one used anyway.

    There are also lots more bugs I think :( after playing all of the quake series this was such a dissapointing game, on the whole it seems to be made based around use on a console as said above. But to make it worse there is a massive number of bugs.

    Also the lighting system seems messed up, if you have ever tried the single light maps you will see a massive difference in fps, resulting in better gameplay.

    I don't think there are any of these bugs in quake3, altho quake3 wasn't perfect to begin with, the bugs did at least get fixed.
  12. Flammy


    Joined: 10 Dec 2003

    Posts: 526

    To be honest I don't really blame him. Id has developed for the PC primarily for years producing some of our most favourite games. They are not a charity, and I would imagine it's pretty disheartening to see a game that you have spent a lot of time, money and effort making, being downloaded a hundred thousand times on torrent sites on the morning of release.

    As far as I'm concerned it's another kick in the teeth for the PC games industry.
  13. Admiral Huddy


    Joined: 17 Feb 2003

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    Can't say I blame him in the wake of Doom3. I read an article recently with him saying that he said that he was considering concentrating on the console platform and forgetting the PC. He regards consoles less risk.

    Whether we agree with this or not, ID lost ££ over the one of the most anticipated games for years, which became available in the Uk illegally even before it's launch. We are victims to those who continue to supply and use pirated software.

    In stark contrast, Valve took precautionary measures to introduce Steam as a delivery system. Like or loath it, if it helps to combat game piracy, and the money is invested back with the developer, then long may we await the exciting prospects such as Sin Episode etc.. which can’t be bad but for ID, it looks a dead end.
  14. mortals


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

    Posts: 3,114

    could be hope if you can use a usb keyboard and mouse on xbox360 tho :)
    (be nice if peeps could use their current pc mice etc :) ) at least there would be a nice competitive edge still in using gaming mice etc, a gamepad just isn't really a good replacement for a kb+mouse.

    altho I wouldn't want to spend £200+ on a console setup atm :( there are some benefits to consoles I guess, it's just a massive blow to pc gaming :(
  15. XPE


    Joined: 9 Jul 2005

    Posts: 5,343

    Well Age of empire 3 has just sold over 1 millions copys, so that just goes to prove that there is still alot of money to be made in the PC market.

    The thing you have to remember with the PC market, it is that it is alot more intergrated with the internet, so if you get a bad write up on the net and it starts to spread this could really hurt your sales.

    Thats the reason i didnt get Doom3 cos word of mouth at the time said it was terrible.
  16. dirtydog


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    ID's recent games Doom 3 and Quake 4 have been rubbish so who cares what he does frankly.. ID seem more interested in producing game engines which they can licence to other developers than making a decent game.
  17. HangTime

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 25 Oct 2002

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    Indeed.... Quake4 isn't actually an id designed game for that matter :)

    But it's still important for me that he keeps developing engines for the PC platform, because they have spawned a whole host of excellent games such as Halflife and CoD.
  18. Vundu


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    Yes but it is being developed for the XBox360 so will be a console port on PC :(
  19. ethan


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    I shouldn't worry about the move 2 the x-box since it is an ideal platform for all action and non-thinking games or all eye-candy and nothing else. Let's face it, quake isn't quite up to the standards of Unreal or Far cry is it. :D
  20. MrWhippy

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 15 Sep 2005

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    well on the one hand it seems a shame.
    it's our loss (the PC gameing crowd).

    on the other hand, this fella probably did more than most to further the PC games industry. if he's protecting his future fortune, well he earned it already in my book.