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Case Fans, SATA cables and PSU

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by SaBBz, 30 Jan 2006.

  1. SaBBz

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    I'm looking at getting 4 blue LED 80mm case fans and heard that SilenX fans are very good and quiet, but was just wondering whether there were any others I should consider. I'll also be getting a 120mm blue LED CPUfan so would ideally like them to be the same make so the colour is the same.
    I will also need a new SATA cable for a hard drive I'm getting and was wondering whether there are any SATA cables available which light up (not only under UV light) without having to be plugged into a molex connector.
    I'm also looking into buying a silent PSU which also has blue LED fans. I've noticed the Thermaltake PurePower TWV 430W, but I can't tell whether it has an LED fan or not - the picture appears to have one but it doesn't say anything about it in the description (that I can see anyway).

    Thanks a lot for the help.