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CD-RW Problems

Discussion in 'Optical Storage & Writing' started by divine`, 24 Jul 2006.

  1. divine`


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    When I try and burn things with Nero (that came bundled with the drive) I'll often find that it tries to create a virtual drive because it has decided there is no CD-RW in the PC.

    Whenever it doesn't do this, it will usually only let me select 4x burn speed, which doesn't work and simply creates a 'Power Calibration' Error.

    Is this something that is likely to have a fairly obvious solution or could this be anything?

    (I don't have regular net access at the moment though, so I may not be able to check back on this for a few days...)

    edit - it only seems to be doing this with CD-Rs, CD-RWs are fine...

    Could it be that the 'Up to 52x' Maxell CDs I have aren't capable of being burnt as slow as 32x (which I think is as fast as this drive can burn) ?
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  2. jbloggs


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    The version of Nero you got with your DVD/CD rewriter, will be an OEM version, the Retail version is quite a bit better for using to burn all kinds of blank media.

    It might be worthwhile disabling the Nero plug-in in Windows Media Player->Tools->Plug-ins->Options->Background, UNtick "Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in", Apply, OK etc.

    Also right click your DVD/CD rewriter->Properties->Recording->UNtick Enable CD recording on this drive, Apply, OK etc.

    Then go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services->IMAPI CD-Burning COM service, double click on it, Status service, set to Stop, Startup type, set to Disable, Apply, OK etc.

    Do you have a utility like Daemon Tools installed, if so uninstall it.


    What make/model of DVD/CD rewriter do you have?

    There is nothing in the Preferences of Nero that I can see would give you the error you are getting. :)
  3. [email protected]


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    If it's a modern writer it may need to be on an 80 wire IDE cable.
    (Don't know if this applies to writing CD's but it does to DVD's. :confused: )
  4. Indy500


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    Tried changing cable?