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Chaos in cleveland

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Shoei, 5 Jul 2006.

  1. Shoei

    Wise Guy

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    Just spotted this about a problem with the NIP form used in cleveland.
    seems the form wasnt correct and has been like this from 2000.
    So lots of drivers prosecutions are being overturned and fines repaid.
    Link here
    Wonder how this will affect the camera partnership in cleveland and who will suffer as a result of the fines being refunded.
    More info here:

  2. djbenjo


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    Ooops :o
  3. The_Dark_Side


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    thinking about this, it should mean that anyone who's had their premiums increased due to a conviction should, if their conviction is overturned, be in line for some form of compensation not to mention the return of any fine monies paid.
  4. Phantom


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    excluding the admin costs... theyve spent the money in fines already?! :p
    Last edited: 6 Jul 2006
  5. mattpc


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    I love the way they have published the defendants mobile number!!! :eek: