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Cheap compact camera advice please

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Nick1881, 28 Oct 2007.

  1. Nick1881


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    My girlfriend has said she wants a small digital camera for christmas, I cant see her using it that much myself but its one less present to think of lol.

    So something small and half decent, price about £100-130 and it would really make her day if it was pink in colour (women eh)

    Anyway I spotted a Fuji Z3 in pink for £99. It looks pretty small, anyone know what its like?

    3x optical
    2.5" screen
    1600 ISO
    re-chargable battery.

    I saw the FD31 mentioned on here a few times, doesnt come in pink though, lol.

    Whats an F20 like? just saw a description that said its a slimmer F31 just without face detection, good price at £98.

    Any help of advice would be great.