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Cheap International Calls? YourCall?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Ben, 14 Mar 2007.

  1. Ben

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    I'm trying to find ways to reduce the cost of calling my girlfriend in Sweden, currently I've got it down to me having a SkypeIn Number and using VoxLib, and then either calling her on her Skype account or her home phone (which works out at just less than 2p per minute).

    Last night I stumbled across YourCall on google, and it looks great, I'm on T-Mobile on their £35 per month package, so get quite a lot of inclusive minutes. However Skeptical ol' me thinks the YourCall thing is probably too good to be true.
    Has anyone used it? and is there a catch like ads or so? or do you start getting ad messages via SMS from using them?
    Or does anyone know of a tried and tested similar service?

  2. v0n


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    I don't actually think 07744 or 07755 calls are included in free minutes on most tarrifs. Same goes for 0845. I think their "Free" banners are more than misleading.
  3. squawkBOX


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    If I am not mistaken, those numbers come under 'Personal Numbers' which appear like mobiles but are anything but.

    I think those services are designed to scam unsuspecting people thinking the 07 is a mobile number.

    I know you said you are on T-Mobile but for you info. With 3, you can get an addon called International Saver - for £15/month you get unlimited calls to Sweden or if you have 3's X-series addon for £5, you can use Skype on your phone to dial other Skype users with no extra charges.

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile has some form of International calling plan?
  4. Space Cowboy

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  5. Ben

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    Cool, also Digging a bit deeper on MSE we get to this, which shows YourCallWorld is valid :)

    Yeah I was looking at 3, but I'm still tied into T-Mobile for another 7 months :( (damn 18 month contract).
    They have an international call thing for £2.50 per month, but that just reduces the charges to about 20p per minute (instead of 70p), so it's cheaper to use what I already do above :(
  6. ken1307

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    Im on T-Mobile and Ive been using YourCall for a while, never had any charges outside inclusive minutes :)

    this is what appeared on my bill :

    15/03/07 18:13 07755500500 Standard Call 00:04:13 £0.000

    p/s: never received any SMS from them either ;)
    Last edited: 15 Mar 2007