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cheap old motherboard?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by tap_and_unwrap, 14 Jan 2006.

  1. tap_and_unwrap


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    unlike my usual posts for high end stuff (my x2 4400 system is lovely, thanks for all the help along the way...), i'm sticking some old bits into a case to make a media center machine for my living room. i have a HDD, 1gb geil value Ram, nvidia 5900xt, 400w psu, dvd / cdrw, a hauppague (sic) pvr 500, mce remote, and an athlon xp 3000+
    leaving one thing left to get, a motherboard.
    you see, having just splashed everything i own on the a64x2 system and xmas, i'm pretty poor. (and a student).
    does anyone know of a reasonable board that i can get (new or second hand) as cheaply as possible? i need onboard audio if possible, and SATA would be a bonus, but i realise that it's a bit to ask for little money....

    anyone have any genius suggestions / thoughts

    cheers guys, and happy new year!
  2. uknorthboy


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