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Cheap Point and Shoot Camera

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by slinxy, 28 Mar 2006.

  1. slinxy


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    I'm just looking for a cheap point and shoot camera the only thing the camera really needs is night shot framing, as a spend the most of my time in dark bars and clubs and would really like to know what I'm shooting before taking it. max price is £250 but the cheaper the better cause I drop things when drunk :D
  2. konicky


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    Most compact cameras are less than great in low light situations, but take a look at the Fuji F10 and F11 which are better than most.
  3. Lopéz

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    Another bonus for taking drunk photos is a very fast autofocus/shutter lag. Ricoh's latest cameras are superb for this, 0.12 seconds to autofocus and shoot if I remember correctly!